Business Plan ACC 220 - Canton Sporting Goods Ty Harman ACC...

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Canton Sporting Goods 10/23/2011 Ty Harman ACC 220 Heath Braby The company of Canton Sporting Goods will be a new business in a small rural town of Canton, Pennsylvania. This company will be a sole proprietorship which means that Ty Harman will have one hundred percent control of the company and its decisions. The store will be located in a subleased building at 123 Main St. The companies financing will be back by Bank of America and will not be a publicly traded company. At Canton Sporting Goods we will be able to provide an abundant amount of sporting goods for many different sports, with the main product being hunting gear. We will be buying and selling guns, ammo and clothing. We will also provide a shooting range so you can test your gun right after you buy it. Apparel will be limited in the store but all apparel can be ordered online to make sure that we can keep our overhead down and not sit on inventory. Provide gun cleaning services and help you set up your gun to fit your comfort. Teams will be able to order
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their uniforms from us through our website and will be able to ship products across the United States. You can see that we are your complete store and by providing these services in a big market area, we have the ability to draw people with in a thirty mile radius. Accounting will play a huge role in the startup of a company, the accountant will have to
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Business Plan ACC 220 - Canton Sporting Goods Ty Harman ACC...

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