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Argument Credibility Peer Review - The video I watched was...

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The video I watched was about how some family member of people that lost their life’s in 9/11. There claims were that they were happy that Bin Laden is dead but he is only one man. This is true that there will be someone to take his place. But the thing that made me think the most was about how they said in the Bush and Clinton era there was things that should have been allowed to even keep 9/11 from happing. They said if the FBI and the CIA would have been able to talk to each other they could have been able to connect the dots. This claim is hard to say. I have had my Uncle and my Brother in law work for the FBI before, and the information that people call in and tell them is almost never right. They have to spend hours reaching if it’s creditable or not. So when you look back at something after it happens it is easy to judge what should have been done because hind sight is 20 20. I think the people in this video and other people need to look at things they did that they thought was not creditable but turn out that it was. No one person is
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