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The first argument that the author compares the death of a natural disaster to the deaths of 9/11. The premise is the American government did not react to the earthquake victims in India that had 20,000 deaths as they did to the 9/11 victims which had 3,000 deaths. The conclusion of the premises is that the American government did not care about the earthquakes much because they are not Americans and it was not on our home soil. I think the premise does not support the conclusion based on the fact that the natural disaster did not happen on our soil and that 9/11 happened because of terrorist or an act of violence against us. The argument is a weak argument based on it is difficult to prove the argument because a natural disaster cannot be compared to an act of violence against the United Stated. The second argument that the author is when he is talking about the violence from the terrorist to
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Unformatted text preview: the domestic violence we deal with everyday. The premise is that the author makes in that argument is what is the difference between terrorist attacking and killing our people; when we have gangster and people getting murdered everyday. The conclusion is the government is spending all this money to go to war and protect our nation and not putting forth the same effort to protect ourselves from ourselves. I think that the premises supports the conclusion in the fact that there is violence here everyday and we did spend all the money and sent troops over to fight a war that we need to be fighting at home. The argument is inductively strong, because the premise is true and every aspect in the argument is provable by history and the deaths of our troops and documentation....
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