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I think that capital punishment should become more advanced and be used more often then it is now. The United States needs to make examples out of criminals that have murdered, in other countries it is an eye for an eye. I do not understand these ruling of giving someone 200 years in prison, they are never going to be able to serve those years it’s a waste of tax payer’s dollars. These people get into trouble sent to jail and then they are coming out with educations all on the tax payer’s dollar. I think that we need to go back to the old days were people were hung, people say that it cost more money to lethal inject a person then it does to keep them on death row. In reality it would save us money in the long run by having these inmates off of death row and use our tax dollars for something useful like new books for our classrooms or better technology for students. Ever since the days of King Henry the eighth capital punishment has been around for a
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Unformatted text preview: long time. People in Asian countries have a rule and that is a eye for an eye if you steal something then you get your hand chopped off, it is the same thing in the United States, but we are being publicly harassed by prohibitionist that think it is morally wrong to end someone life. Tell that to the person who lost that family member that they are going through the pain and suffering that one goes through during those rough times. People demand justice and want to be treated fairly then we need to all get on bored and make this thing happen. Back in the early 20 th century they used to be able to go to an electrocution to make sure justice was done right for those people who have been wronged. More and more people are getting away with a slap on the wrist with just getting life in prison, I think that people should do the punishment that fits the crime....
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