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Part A The key issue is that her friend gave herself a raise with out anyone noticing and Anita is being pressured into doing the same thing. Anita suspends her judgment, she is asking questions, and then she tells her friend that she has to think about it. Then she stating out the fact that she could use the extra money and that would be nice to have. Her opinion is based on a moral value of judgment, in her mind and the way that she has been taught to do the right things in her mind she knows that stealing is wrong and that she knows it would be nice to be able to do that it is wrong by her standards. She makes a decision by taking action and calling the HR department to tell about the situation at hand. She could not see herself risking her job over a raise that she might or might not deserve, but it’s not her place to give it to herself. Part B I was discussion with my roommate that one of his friends had foreclosed on his house and the
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Unformatted text preview: discussion was is it responsible or irresponsible. My position was that it is irresponsible based on an ethical stand point. I immediately took a position on the issue at hand. I took an immediate position because the guy makes enough money to afford his house payment he is just upside down and does not want to pay for it anymore. The position is based off a moral issue, I can not even afford a house of my own and this guy just gets to throw his away. It is not my fault that he bought a house at the wrong time he is just being lazy and does not care about his position in the market. Yes we solved the problem between my roommate and I we made a decision that it is neither responsible nor irresponsible but yet it was unethical. It is responsible because he is looking out for himself but yet unethical because he gave his word and signed documents agreeing to pay for this piece of property....
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