Characteristics of orientalism

Characteristics of orientalism - always bombing each other...

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Muslims are the type of people who accept the Islamic religion to where Arab is a type of ethnicity or nationality. Arabs speak Arabic to where Muslims can speak many different languages since it is a religion and can reside all over the world. Arabs come generally from the Middle East form countries such as Iraq, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. With the raids on Arabs going on President Nixon let any government agency CIA and FBI to spy and harass any Arab that is engaging in political engagements. People just assume that an Arab or Muslim did the bombings, or terrorist act. It has not gotten better for them since the twin towers attack in 2001. One characteristic of orientalism is that we will always consider them to be terrorist they are
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Unformatted text preview: always bombing each other in the Middle East over religious purposes. Another characteristic is that they own gas stations throughout the United States. The American people are set in their ways that they will just think that Middle Eastern people are bad people, until all the violence stops over there. Individuals may be able to promote tolerance and reduce prejudice by just letting them do their religious festivals and invite people to come experience it through a workshop. Have more community involvement make the people understand your background like we as Americans would want any other person to learn....
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