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The information that I have received about race and ethnicity is that no matter what color your skin is or religious belief everyone has had to deal with some form of discrimination whether it would be the full extent of slavery to just protesters. I have also realized that you always have to keep your mind open; these other races can give you a great deal of information on their heritage and cultural back ground and make you a more knowledgeable person. What I have learned about my own cultural history is that my ancestors even though they were white, still got discriminated against. I found out information about why they wanted to come over here and what they did when they arrived here. It also made me call up my grandparents and ask for more
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Unformatted text preview: information about where we came from and what our family tree consist of. In the year 2050 the faces of the United States will be so divers that people won’t be able to say that they are just one specific race. White people are going to be the minority; we are going to have more and more peopled with interracial and immigrants creating our society. The country might want to create more ad campaigns about what our future entails. Push diversity among young adults, start teaching it earlier in school and we just need to do our best to make sure that everyone gets to have their equality of life....
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