Race and Your Community - Thesis In Arizona Mexicans are...

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Thesis: In Arizona Mexicans are considered part of my community but not by the prejudgments of other community members. The members of my community are racialized in the State of Arizona. You have lots of problems with immigration, and racial profiling. The members in my community include Whites, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians and Native Americans. We have many different faces and looks along with the different cultures that have become one. Members in my community all look different from me, I am a White American, as mentioned above we have so many different kinds of races that there is no possible way for us to look alike. There are different cities that minorities come to like Gilbert, AZ where it is a predominately white community, in that situation minorities might think and just tell us that we all look the same. The way that we look the same is because we are all white and others have a perception of us and with our families, skin color, cars we drive makes us all the same. It would be the same for me if I went to a different part of town where I would be the minority. We already have prejudice thoughts that occur before we enter into a different culture. I prejudge people because I live in a society that my generation does this. The leaders in our community happen to be very knowledgeable about everyone different situations that they have. They treat people like me that we cannot do anything wrong and we are perfect. They favor my people in very many ways because they are the same as me. For the minorities they have problems just recently with immigration and the introduction of the SB1070. The Mexican people do not like this law and think it is unconstitutional by violating their 1 st amendment rights. “Unquestionably, the brown peoples of this state are treated as less than human. Not everyone treats us this way – just the majority” (Reader Supported News, 2011). We have illegal Mexican come into our state non-stop to have better lives for themselves and their families. I would not call my leaders racist but I am glad that they are enforcing the law that the federal government was not enforcing. The government is stuck
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Race and Your Community - Thesis In Arizona Mexicans are...

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