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Unformatted text preview: The first article that I found about academic honesty is called Academic Honesty and Online Courses by Grijalva, Therese, C. Nowell, Clifford Kerkvliet, Joe. This article was published in College Student Journal on March 2006, Vol. 40 Issue 1, p180-185. This is a peer reviewed article from EBSCO Host. I used academic honesty as my keyword search to obtain this article. People claim that it is easier and more common to cheat and use plagiarism in the online classes because students and teachers do not interact directly with each other. Cheating is mostly not premeditated it is usually what the expert call “panic cheating” people in traditional classrooms sit down to do a test they panic and look at their neighbors test. In online classroom setting people are from around the world and take these classes, it is less likely that the students are going to meet up and copy each others work. The biggest problem is plagiarism but with the tools that we have at Axia College it is easier for the student and teachers to check and make sure...
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