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Capstone DQ for Gen 105 - like or special instructions and...

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I think the most important lesson that I learned was the time management lesson. I selected this lesson because of all the valuable information that I have learned I can apply not only to my educational career but also my life in general. None of the lessons were very useful for my current job, the reason why that is what I do really doesn’t involve any of the lessons. If anything I would say that reading and retention would be the closes to my job. It taught me skills on how to remember seeing and reading things and I have to be able to remember what someone looks
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Unformatted text preview: like or special instructions and be able to give full descriptions to anyone needing it. Everything that I have learned in this course was great and it exposed me to the tools that I will need to succeed and become successful in furthering my education. I can’t specifically state a certain thing, but I know that all of it will be used at one point in time through out my educational program and will be referring back to it as much as possible....
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