Communicating in fourms - just as hard to obtain that...

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Communicating in Forums By: Ty Harman
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It is important that you use inclusive language in forums because of that reason you do not get to talk to people face to face. Inclusive language is used to create equality among persons. On the class forum it is imperative because people do not get to tell your tone of voice, they are reading your words and determining themselves how to interrupt it. The first mistake that I saw was that he could have avoided one mistake by referring to her as a business associate or her name instead of “business lady.” Give her the respect that she deserves she obviously knows what she is talking about since she is teaching a class. Another place where you could have avoided a mistake is saying that you were talking to some of the “good old boys.” Replace good old boys with what they are managers, women do not like to be called guys as guys don’t like to be called women. The women managers if there are any worked
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Unformatted text preview: just as hard to obtain that position just like the men managers. You make it sound like you have to be a male to move up through the company. This also refers to the managers and wives replace wives with spouses. You should also recommend that an employee that would like to advance in a company you should take an etiquette class not “any man”. Men, women and children all can attend an etiquette class it is opened up to whoever wants to improve their etiquette. To prevent these mistakes in the future always reread your threads and think as if you were reading it for the first time. Give respect to the people that have earned it, if you worked hard all your life and was an expert in a given field and people just referred to you as a ‘business man” you would be offended. Be more specific try not to generalize your words, instead he/she/guys state their names or titles or who you are referring to....
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Communicating in fourms - just as hard to obtain that...

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