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The study techniques that I would use based on my personality type actually fit in very well with distance learning. Being an organized person I think that this is the strongest trait to have, with distance learning you are kind of by yourself even though you really are not. You have to set up your own schedule to do your school work, make sure that you understand all the material and turn in your homework assignments on time. Some techniques that I would use to be able to function the best would be to write down information, play a game or discuss information in a group. For my less developed side is the thinking logically, I need to prepare myself with analyzing and asking questions that would make me think a little harder. Some techniques that I could use to help me improve on my logical skills would be to make graphs, try to find new ways of approaching issues, and just find some “me” time to reflect on the situation and come up with a solution. It is very important to know my learning strength that way while I am in a classroom
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Unformatted text preview: or group setting I can make sure that I can help them and give them one hundred percent work ethic. It is important to know your classmates strength and weaknesses that way people can become more efficient by working together and utilizing their strengths. It makes it easier for people to work together and collaborate that way one person is not stuck doing all the work for him or herself. I think it would be helpful to know this information because it would make it easier to help teach someone if they were having problems. We are here to help each other and motivate; because we all can not go to a class room and sit down and have the classrooms setting. It also provides a greater learning experience to be able to take other peoples knowledge and learn from them and see their point of view and analyze their thinking and how they came up with that answer....
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