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multipule intelligences - I picked up on reading blue...

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http://www.mypersonality.info/multiple-intelligences/visual-spatial/ http://www.inspiring-breakthrough.co.uk/learning-styles/visual-spatial-learning.htm http://hmt.myweb.uga.edu/webwrite/visual-spatial.htm I have a strong Visual intelligence, once I have been some where and physically seen it I can remember exactly how to get there with no problems. I used to be an estimator for a construction company and I think that is when it came out the most.
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Unformatted text preview: I picked up on reading blue prints and diagrams and really paying attention to the littlest details. All the sites describe it the best, detailed maps and telling me to visualize everything in an abstract way. The 3 rd site gave me jobs and activities that relate to this intelligence and I love doing all those activities and wouldn’t mind doing those jobs. One thing is that I can’t draw but that is the way that I learn....
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