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Technological Tools - The second article that I found for...

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This first article that I found I used the EBSCOhost resource and the topic that I searched for was effective personal goal setting. The article title Setting, Elaborating, and Reflecting on Personal Goals Improves Academic Performance is written by Dominique Morisano, Jacob Hirsh, Jordan Peterson, Robert Phil, Bruce Shore is about the benefits of setting personal goals to succeed in college. It gives some interesting advice about how to set goals, achieve them and what the benefits are. It also gives information on why students are having academic failure and ways to prevent this.
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Unformatted text preview: The second article that I found for my topic is from the Gale Power Search resource. I searched the same exact wording “goal setting.” The title of the article The Value of Setting Goals written by Edward A. Merritt, and Florence Berger is an academic journal about how setting goals can make a person organized and more efficient. They lay out the steps of properly setting, achieving goals and how to overcome obstacles. Giving feedback is an important part because people like to hear how they are doing their accomplishments to make sure that they are on track to success....
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