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After reviewing my complete Appendix F I have realized that I manage my time very well. I also have room to fit the unexpected in. I establish my priorities on how much I am in demand for that specific thing. I will take homework as an example I can base on when I need to put my time into doing it based on the due date. My advisors have helped me establish which classes that I need to take first that way I can make sure I get all my credits done. The best way to priorities your academic goals are to make sure you set enough time to do your homework. My support group is huge it contains family, friends and my advisors here at Axia College. My biggest support has to be my wife, she is there 100 percent of the time encouraging me to do my best. My friends would have to be my next biggest support that I have with them we are all at different levels or stages in our life so we use it as a little competition I would say. We like to challenge each other to become better things and we want the best possible outcome for each other. The
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