Conservation and Preservation

Conservation and Preservation - says we do not know how...

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The difference between conservation and preservation is that conservation is to use sparingly and preservation is keep and maintain what you have. I believe that human beings can harvest forest resources in a environmentally way. People need these resources to survive; I also know that the animals also need these resources to survive too. I think that we should plant trees in the area after we are done destroying that area so we can come back later in life and be able to do it again. I agree with it would be horrible to tear up the land that is so beautiful and holds so much value to our historic life, but if people want to live we need to do what we have to. Just like the video
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Unformatted text preview: says we do not know how much oil or gas is underneath but ewe need to drill and do our research to figure it out. If we could have all of our domestic oil we need to do off shore drilling, drill in Bridger-Teton National Forest . We need to get debt free we need to quit importing things that we have at our fingertips. I think that we will be able to have both the freedom of foreign oil and the freedom to run wild, we just need to make sure that we replant areas that we aren’t going to use, just try not to destroy the environment as little as possible then everyone can have a happy life....
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