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Energy conservation has been a problem since the 1970’s. Until recently people have not thought about ways to conserve energy. The reason it is important to conserve energy is because most of our energy that we use now is nonrenewable. By using these nonrenewable resources we are polluting our air and water, so we need to switch to renewable resources. There are many different ways that we could help the environment personally. The government needs to have incentives for the people that want to help out in this effort. Once everyone is able to do their part little by little the environment will become a better and cleaner place. Nonrenewable energy such as fossil fuels i.e. oil, coal, and natural gas are damaging out environment by pollution. These nonrenewable resources are called that because we have a limited supply of it throughout the world. The earth makes all of these fossil fuels naturally and if we keep using them we will eventually deplete them. Renewable resources are just the
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