Final - Nobody ever really thinks about solid waste and the...

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Nobody ever really thinks about solid waste and the effects it has on the world until it is too late. Just to give you an idea each person in the United States is producing 4.4 pounds of solid waste per day which in turns makes about 236 million tons of trash in 2003 (Wiley, 2011). There are many different processes that go into making a landfill. The EPA has also come up with different laws and regulations to protect the environment as much as possible. The landfills use many different techniques to limiting the amount of trash it can consume by implementing different programs like recycling, incinerators and compositing. One of the most important parts of solid waste is being able to manage any disaster by responding quickly and efficiently. We just need to create a plan that people would be able to follow with incentives for everyone; then maybe the people would do their best to follow the plan. Sanitary landfill is when solid waste is placed in a hole, compacted and then covered up with a layer of soil. This is how all the landfills are now ran to help eliminate odor, varmints and to control littering. Designing a landfill; location is key you are not allowed to build a landfill in areas that are classified as wetlands, flood plains, or near faults and seismic zones. To protect groundwater from becoming polluted a flexible membrane lined with plastic lining and clay is put on the bottom and the sides of the landfill. The liner is also used to collect leachate which is liquid that seeps through solid waste, and collect gases such as methane which is produced by microorganisms that break down organic materials. During the time that the landfill is operating they are required to test the ground water well to see if it is contaminated semiannually even during the post-closure care period. Closure and post closure care is when the landfill quits accepting waste, and designed to keep liquid away from the buried waste. Owners of the landfill will have to make sure that the cover, and continue to monitor ground water for at least 30 years (Environmental Protection Agency, 1993).The owners are also to provide a written closer plan that describes the steps necessary to close the landfill properly. To show that people need to follow the rules on how to close a landfill, there is a gentlemen that finally convinced his wife to let him build a pool in his backyard, found out that his house and neighbors houses were built on an unknown landfill. "It puts us in a difficult position, because we certainly don't have the resources to do that from the extent that we've been told it's going to take to clean it up.” (Raiche, 2011, para. 7). Now the family does not have an extra couple thousands of dollars to spend to clean it up, now this family cannot have their pool. The builder stated that they had no idea that the community was built on the landfill. There are many different programs that are put in place to help reduce the amount of waste the
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Final - Nobody ever really thinks about solid waste and the...

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