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One factor that produces changes in population size is the birth rate and the death rate of that specific species. Then you have dispersal which means moving one species to another species. Immigration is where we have individuals entering the place and making the population grow at even a faster rate. Emigration is where people are leaving a certain place and that will decrease the size. The factor that affects the population size in the video is the dispersal factor. Someone brought these nutria to the Louisiana swamp land and now they are over producing and eating like there is no tomorrow. They reproduce like rabbits the mother can produce up to like 40 in
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Unformatted text preview: three years, then those babies are ready to start breading on their own in six months, so that brings me to the next factor or birth rate to the death rate. I predict that the Nutria will either move to another location or just start to die off as a result of starvation. The problem is that once a bread of species depletes their food source they will readapt to a new location and either keeps eating the same food or their appetite will change and they will start eating non-green foods....
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