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Succession and Natural Slection - being that normal...

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It is secondary succession, the river flowed down and the beavers damned up the river so that it made a pond. Over time it killed the trees, and gave birth to new plants that were being buried under the pond. So the new plants kept the growth going over the old plants and then it is fertilizing the growth of new pine trees. Over time the creek will get smaller and the area that was once a pond will become obsolete. Although the evolved salamander that is pictured only has the two front limbs it has become adaptive to its different needs to be able to survive in its habitat, this is called Differential reproductive success. It also shows that it has a variation trait
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Unformatted text preview: being that normal salamanders have four limbs and this one only has two smaller versions in the front. I think this provides the best chance of survival for the salamanders because the ability to adapt and change the variation of their body to adapt to their needs. Things need to change for the better humans are always coming up with ways to have new technology that is better than before, It is the same way for the animals they are always looking for their best chance of survival and that is to adopt to their surroundings....
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