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HUM130Week4DQ1 - about old age Then he saw Lepers and found...

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Daily Question 1: Siddharta Guatama was born a prince. His horoscope was cast and he could have been a great king or leader of his people, or he could have taken the mendicants path and become enlightened. When his father heard of this, he wanted his son to inherit and become a great leader of his people. He did not want him to become a mendicant and enlightened. His father sheltered him to the point that he was virtually a prisoner in the Palace and grounds. Siddharta Guatama was constantly entertained, had playmates, and everything he desired was given to him. Once he matured, a wife was given to him. He knew nothing of sickness, old age, or death. One day he asked to go and meet his people. When he did this his father had the town “staged”. All of the sick, elderly, and infirm individuals were banned from the streets. Only the young and beautiful people were allowed to be present. The plans went wrong and he saw an elderly person. When he asked why the person was the way he was, his attendant told him
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Unformatted text preview: about old age. Then he saw Lepers and found out the truth about illness and a dead body and discovered the truth about death. When this occurred he was a grown man and expecting his first born child. This obviously disturbed him and after thinking about it he decided he not only needed to liberate himself but the others from the suffering we as humans experience. After his discoveries he decided to leave the palace and search for the truth. These experiences affected him so deeply because from birth we see and hear about illness, old age, and death on a daily basis, Siddharta Guatama was not shown these things and therefore by the sudden shock of this he fulfilled the prophecy of Enlightenment. If he would have been surrounded by these things from a early age he more than likely would not have fulfilled this prophecy. Humans become very accepting of these things in life and they are considered “normal”, which for him they were not “normal”....
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