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Daily Question 2: As in all religions, there are people who were just born into Buddhism and do not know much about what it really means. However, where the teachings are really studied in depth, they are as relevant today as they ever were. Among the thousands of Westerners who embrace Buddhism today, they are everything from people who seriously try to understand the traditional teachings and practice them in an authentic way with the help of authentic teachers, to people who just take some superficial inspiration from Buddhism and transform it into their own, modern western way of thinking without caring much about the teachings of the traditional
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Unformatted text preview: teachers and scriptures. Buddha only taught one thing: wake up and help all beings. That is the foundation of Buddhism, everything else is just technique. Most, but not all, Buddhist traditions focus on the technique used by the Buddha: meditation practice. Of course, there are many kinds of meditation techniques taught by different Buddhist traditions, and even many techniques taught within a single tradition. There is good reason for this, as the Buddha himself recognized, different diseases need different medicines. In addition, all existing Buddhist traditions have an overlay of cultural trappings....
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