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Daily Question 1: It all depends upon the equations in question: If equations are very straight forward then the graphing method can work well. It has the advantage of visualization. In other words, you can see the behavior of the system. The main drawback to graphing is that it is not very accurate for solutions. For other short and simple equations, substitution can work well. The advantage to substitution is when one of the variables is already isolated in one of the equations. Even then, you must look closely at the other equation to see how complicated the substitution method can be. A few drawbacks to substitution is there can be a lot of division and finding LCM. I would say that the elimination method is the most popular and in my opinion is the best. Many
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Unformatted text preview: times you can even do the calculations in your mind, and so it is much faster. Elimination seems to be more useful when coefficients are larger, whereas substitution is useful when coefficients are smaller and when it is easy to isolate a variable. Elimination works for any system of linear equations. After one or two steps you have a one-step equation to solve and you have half of your solution. A con of elimination is that sloppy calculations can lead to incorrect solutions. If I need a rough idea of the solution, I graph. If one of the equations is already solved for y or for x, I use substitution. If neither of the above is true, I use elimination....
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