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MAT116Week9Capstone - the simplest of life’s adventures...

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Capstone: I would say that the content in this course has definitely allowed me to think of math as a useful tool. I say this because when I started this course I thought that algebra was a waste of time and it was something that I had absolutely no use for. Just the other day I found myself writing formulas for which car it would be cheapest for me to drive on my commute to work, these equations for how many miles I drove and how many miles per gallon I got with each car to determine how many miles would make each car the cheapest. I remember saying the same thing to my 4 th grade math teacher as well, completely frustrated with basic math to the point that I was never going to use math but soon after I realized just how much we rely on math for
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Unformatted text preview: the simplest of life’s adventures. Off the top of my head I cannot think of a specific situation at work that I use math except when I record the intakes for each meal at breakfast or lunch. Even then it is just a basic percentage and not a lot of thought goes into the process. As far as this class I do not think I could have made it this far without the help of MyMathLab. The “Help Me Solve This” or “View an Example” features were life saving at times. I can definitely say that I used the advantages of MyMathLab to the fullest extent I could. I am certain that in MAT/117 I will also take full advantage of the resources offered through programs such as MyMathLab....
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