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Anthony Filice October 27, 2011 PSY 265 Dr. Jocelyn Enabulele CheckPoint: Child Development and Sexual Behavior Sexual behavior is common in all stages of child development, from sucking your thumb as a fetus or infant, to full blown adolescent sexual activity. As I read through the reading on sexual behavior during childhood, I was shocked, as was the mother of my 2 year old girl. I can’t believe they call 2 year olds touching one another on the genitals is normal. I have 5 godchildren and 1 child of my own, ranging in ages from 7 months to 8 years, I also have adopted brothers ages 12 and 17, so I am well aware of what I consider normal sexual behavior in children. I noticed that all of them had “sexual” tendencies as infants, sucking thumbs, smiling and kicking during
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Unformatted text preview: diaper changes, and eventually the pelvic thrusting. During young childhood, I noticed that it does involve to touching themselves, and being curious of others, never led to touching that I have witnessed or heard about. Preadolescent children have a little more privacy, and I know masturbation occurs frequently, discovering their interest in the opposite sex also happens in this stage, although I have seen that in children as young as 4. Adolescence is where all the worrying starts, I know my little brother has the sex drive that is unmatched. I have also noticed that teens are having more and more sex. I am only 23 and have never seen so many pregnant or sexually active females in their teens....
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Filice_A_PSY_ChildSexBehavior_7 - diaper changes and...

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