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Anthony Filice September 29, 2011 PSY 265 Dr. Enabulele CheckPoint: Sexual Dysfunction Being only 22, most people would assume that I have yet to experience sexual dysfunction, but I have, and easier to admit then most people think. The dysfunction that I have experienced is the exact topic of this CheckPoint, being unable to reach climax or Orgasmic disorder. I know that this problem is definitely more common in women, with 25% that have problems in this area or have never experienced an orgasm. A lot of things can affect a person’s ability
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Unformatted text preview: to have an orgasm, like not having the proper stimulation. In most cases this is the cause of not reaching climax, especially in women, because of a lack of information about their own body and how to please themselves. In both men and women, psychological disorders and medications can cause their bodies to not succumb to the pleasure and relay this to the senses to cause an orgasm. In my case it was medication that was causing my lack of an orgasm. I had no feeling, it was like going through the motions....
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