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Anthony Filice October 13, 2011 PSY 265 Dr. Jocelyn Enabulele CheckPoint: Sexual Techniques In the week 4 reading, every normal, well known sexual technique is discussed, from masturbation to actual coitus. Masturbation is self-stimulation, foreplay can be either a prelude to coitus, or the actual sexual act between two partners and can contain anything from kissing to oral sex. Coitus is also discussed along with various positions and some advice. Foreplay is discussed in depth from what I have read about it before, and explains how various techniques and styles can be used to stimulate your partner to pure ecstasy. I am a big fan and use foreplay to my advantage, and kissing and touching the right areas in the right manner can ready your partner and her (in my case) body for coitus. In casual instances I try
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Unformatted text preview: to refrain from engaging in oral sex, for it is too personal to have my mouth near something I am not familiar with, but mostly for health concerns, but if my partner is someone I am comfortable with and know a lot about then I use it to my advantage. Masturbation is something I have never been to big on, I have only masturbated myself a few times. I find masturbation to be extremely boring, like a chore, which is one view on it in personal terms. Some people widely except masturbation and even believe that it can help your sex life with an actual partner. Some people and cultures aren’t very acceptable of masturbation, I mean I understand both sides, even the word means using hands to defile....
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