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Anthony Filice PSY 265 October 7, 2011 Dr. Enabulele CheckPoint: Styles of Love The first style of love that I will compare is Romantic Love (aka Eros, or Erotic Love), which is in the name, this style of love is romantic but based on beauty and lust, a sexual relationship. For example, Steve and Jane, they have been in a romantic relationship, they are both attractive people. Their attractiveness is what started their relationship and is what keeps the romance and sexual relations going. They have no actual chemistry and are very opposite in attitude and hobbies. This relationship has no real long term future, unless they are both interested in having a pure trophy spouse. The second style of love will be Game-Playing Love (aka Ludus love), people involved in this type of love are not looking for a quality spouse, but instead they ‘re looking for a quantity of partners, in short, they are players. The example I will use for this is my younger self. My name is Anthony, and throughout high school and up until I became a father, I would definitely be put in this category.
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Unformatted text preview: Simply put, I was a slut, the difference with me and a lot of others that are in this category is that I would combine Eros and Ludus love styles, I always looked for the most attractive partners but never pursued an actual relationship with anyone. I had many partners, during this time, and hurt a lot of girls, I am not proud of this but it is the truth. The two styles of love that I used for this CheckPoint, Eros and Ludus, are the two styles that have been most prevalent in my life up until recently. I have to admit that my Ludus lifestyle is something that is just recently in the past, it definitely was put in slow motion when my daughter was born, but I didn’t stop. It took me and the mother of my daughter working through our issues and actually being in a relationship to stop. Honestly, I love my girlfriend, would do anything for her, but my daughter is the reason that I settled down....
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Filice_A_PSY_StylesofLove_4 - Simply put I was a slut the...

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