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Filice_A_XECO_Historical_3 - that customers would get the...

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Anthony Filice September 30, 2011 XECO 212 Mrs. Shivers CheckPoint: Historical Example of Supply and Demand The technology boom of the 1990’s changed the world in a major way, giving us modern computers and the internet among other things that changed the way humans and business do things. The boom was caused by the realization that the technology advances were really helpful to people and business alike. The rise in demand for computers meant a rise in demand for people who specialize in computers. The rise in the amount of computers and the small amount of computer techs meant incredibly long wait times for technical support. To keep up with the need for technology professionals, technology companies needed to include training with their employment opportunities to assure that they would get interest in prospective employees along with assuring
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Unformatted text preview: that customers would get the best possible help with their support needs. . Another draw that technology companies used to get new employees was higher wages than other fields. In the 1990’s when you called technical support, you had one guy to talk too, which has since changed, now when you call a technical support line, you have a different person for all of the different operating systems, different computers, and all sorts of other reasons. Technology has come a long way between computers, video games, cellular phones, tablets, and everything else. You have so many technology fields to choose from and now you have a market flooded with college graduates and technology professionals that far outweighs the demand for labor....
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Filice_A_XECO_Historical_3 - that customers would get the...

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