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Filice_A_XECO_Supply&Demand_V1 - Supply and Demand...

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Supply and Demand: College Anthony Filice September 25, 2011 XECO 212 Mrs. Yvonne Shivers Abstract Choosing a college is very much supply and demand oriented, you must know how schools work, how much they cost, where they are located in reference to where you live. When I was choosing a school I was focused on choosing an online schooling program to assure myself that I didn’t have to relocate my family. I could have chosen a local Junior College, but that would have taken too much time out of my day to physically go to class. There is a large supply of colleges, with an equally large demand get an education, but this is a complicated area to talk about because it goes deeper than just colleges and students, you have different types of schools, in different states, with different types of educations wanted.
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2 Supply and Demand: College Supply and Demand: College When choosing what college I was going to get a degree from, I had very limited options, I wanted to obtain a bachelor’s degree but I didn’t want to have to relocate my family. So when it came down to making the decision, I had to eliminate College of the Siskiyous
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Filice_A_XECO_Supply&Demand_V1 - Supply and Demand...

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