Filice_A_XECO_TradeD - our own and the consumers suffer for also of this For the above reasons I do believe high taxes should be placed on MOST

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Anthony Filice November 4, 2011 XECO 212 Yvonne Shivers CheckPoint: Trade Debate I happen to be a firm believer that America built itself from the inside out. Our nation could no problem produce all of the goods that we buy from other countries. I find the fact that we rely so much on foreign goods completely ridiculous, especially because the United States dollar isn’t worth anywhere near what it used to be. For a long time the dollar stood alone as king of currency in most places in the world. Now, a dollar is almost as worthless as the paper it is printed on. You know the best selling cars in America are foreign, when we have United States car manufacturers struggling, even though our cars are now on the same level as theirs. We buy foreign oil when we have
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Unformatted text preview: our own, and the consumers suffer for also of this. For the above reasons I do believe high taxes should be placed on MOST foreign goods. High taxes on foreign goods would force consumers to look more at competitive American goods. I also believe that we should tax the foreign companies more, just to make money for this government, and to try and limit their exposure to our nations market. I am an American and I try my hardest to support American goods over foreign goods, a lot of my family is the same way. If more people agreed on this, our economy probably would be in the gutter, there would be more jobs to produce USA goods, and our country would be more self reliable....
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