14th Amendment - helping the freedmen adjust to their...

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HIS/125 14th Amendment Axia’s College University Of Phoenix Rachel Houston 7/7/2011 Week 1 Checkpoint: 14th Amendment
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Week 1 Checkpoint: The Fourteenth Amendment What was the written purpose of the Fourteenth Amendment? For people who were born or naturalize in the United States are consider citizens. It purposes was to give gave equal protection and due process of law to all citizens of the United States and the protection of their rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights, the original first ten amendments against actions by the federal or state government. How did the Fourteenth Amendment affect African Americans at that time? It gave them citizenship they was able to live as free citizen, it also prohibits actions denying African- Americans the right to vote and equal protection under the law. What was the purpose of the Freedmen’s Bureau? Providing emergency food, housing, and medical aid to refugees, though it also helped reunite families. Later, it focused its work on
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Unformatted text preview: helping the freedmen adjust to their conditions of freedom. Its main job was setting up work opportunities and supervising labor contracts. How did the Freedmen’s Bureau positively and negatively affect African Americans? The Freedmen Bureau positively affect the African Americans because it transition them from slavery to freedom on southern plantations it also assigned the task of protecting freed people economic rights. It negatively affected them because, they insisted that black laborers not leave at harvest time, they arrested those who violated their contracts or refused to sign new ones at the beginning of the year, and they preached the gospel of hard work and the need to be orderly and respectful. References 14 th Amendment (2011) retrieves by July 7, 2011 from www. 14thamendment.us Freedmen Bureau (2011) retrieves by July 7, 2011 from www. archives.gov /research/african-americans/freedmens-bureau...
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14th Amendment - helping the freedmen adjust to their...

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