22 Study Guide 7 Japan

22 Study Guide 7 Japan - The Beetle-Wing (Tamamushi)...

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VIS 21B Asian Art Spring 2008 VIS 21B Arts of Asia Winter 2011 PART III: The Arts of Japan 1
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VIS 21B Asian Art Spring 2008 I. ANCIENT JAPAN Jomon (rope-pattern) period (ca. 8000-300 B.C.) Earthenware vessels and dogu figurines. JS-B 5-6; LEE 17, 18 Yayoi period (ca. 300 B.C.-A.D. 300) Wheel-thrown ceramics. JS-B 9; LEE 98 comma-shaped jewels dotaku (bell-shaped bronze). JS-B 10; LEE 99 Tomb period (ca. 300-552 A.D.) kofun (tomb). JS-B 11; LEE 100 haniwa . JS-B 12; LEE 103-104 chokkomon (arc and line) pattern. JS-B 14 wall painting, figure, horse, and waves JS-B 13 Ise shrine , last rebuilt, 1973. JS-B 16, LEE 102 Shinto (the way of the gods) kami (the gods) The sun goddess, legendary ancestor of the current emperor II. THE AGE OF REFORM : ASUKA AND HAKUHO JAPAN Asuka Period (552-645) Hakuho Period (645-710) Horyuji (Temple of the Exalted Dharma), southwest of Nara. Originally built 607, rebuilt between 670 and 710. JS-B 17; LEE 211 Pagoda. LEE 212 Golden Hall, including murals. JS-B 33; LEE 213, 239-240
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Unformatted text preview: The Beetle-Wing (Tamamushi) Shrine. JS-B 18, 19; LEE 214-215 Bronze image of the Buddha and two bodhisattvas, ca. 623. Dedicated to Prince Sh toku. JS-B 21, LEE 216 The shrine of Lady Tachibana, containing a bronze Amitabha (Amida) trinity. JS-B 28; LEE 230-232 Wooden image of Maitreya (Miroku), the Buddha of the future. JS-B 24; LEE 219. III. NARA PERIOD JAPAN (710-784) Horyuji Pagoda interior: dioramas of the Nirvana of the Buddha. JS-B 30. cf Lee CP12. Yakushiji (Temple of the Medicine Buddha) Bronze Yakushi (The Medicine Buddha) Triad. 726 a.d. JS-B 27; LEE 233. The Goddess Shri Lakshmi (Kichijo-ten) , hanging scroll, ink and color on hemp cloth. LEE 390. Toshodaiji Golden Hall and Lecture Hall. ca. 759. JS-B 35, 36, 32; LEE 225-226. Portrait of Jianzhen (Ganjin), dry lacquer. JS-B 37; LEE 237. Todaiji (Great Eastern Temple). Lee 224 2...
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22 Study Guide 7 Japan - The Beetle-Wing (Tamamushi)...

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