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23 Study Guide 8 Japan

23 Study Guide 8 Japan - terms*yamato-e(Japanese...

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VIS21B Arts of Asia Winter 2011 Study Guide 8 Part III: Arts of Japan Todaiji (Great Eastern Temple). Lee 224 Sangetsudo (Hall of the Third Month). Guardian Figure, unbaked clay. LEE CP 13, 235. Shosoin storehouse, mid-8th century, LEE 398; also 402-409 biwa . LEE 392. IV. THE HEIAN PERIOD: THE ART OF ESOTERIC BUDDHISM (MIKKYO) Early Heian: 794-897 Late Heian: 897-1185 Muro-ji , late Nara or early Heian period, late 8th century. Lee 411-413. Jingo-ji Standing Medicine Buddha (Yakushi) , 799. LEE 381-2. To-ji (Eastern Temple), also known as Kyoogokoku-ji, ninth century. Pair of paintings, ink and color on silk, late 9th-e. 10th c. Mandala of the Womb World (Taizokai) . JS-B 44. Mandala of the Diamond World (Kongokai). cf. LEE 422 Sculpture of Fudo-myo-o (Immovable Radiant King), cypress wood, 834-848 Fud-myo-o , painting, ink and color on silk, Mount Koya, 9th century. LEE CP 30, 424 Daitoku-myo-o , painting, ink and color on silk, Boston Museum of Fine Arts. LEE 427. V. HANDSCROLL PAINTING IN THE HEIAN PERIOD
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Unformatted text preview: terms: *yamato-e (Japanese painting) *emaki (illustrated handscroll) kana kanji onna-e (feminine painting): Genji style otoko-e (masculine painting): Shigisan style hikime-kagihana : dash for eye, hook for nose fukinuki-yatai : blown away roof tsukuri-e : built up pictures The Tale of Genji by Lady Murasaki, ca. 1100. Genji-monogatari-emaki (Illustrated Scroll of the Tale of Genji), e. 12th c. LEE 443, CP 33. Shigisan-engi-emaki (Origin of the Temple on Mount Shigi), mid-12th c. Hungry Ghosts , late 12th c., Lee 450; Illnesses , Lee 451; and Hell Scene , Lee 453. VI. THE ART OF PURE LAND BUDDHISM IN THE HEIAN PERIOD Phoenix Hall (Hoo-do) of the Byodo-in at Uji (near Kyoto), 1053. LEE 434 Amida , wooden sculpture by Jocho. LEE 436-437 Descent of Amida with Divine Attendants , Mount Koya (formerly at Mt. Hiei), triptych, early 12th century. LEE 432 Nirvana of the Buddha , Kongobu-ji, Mount Koya, dated 1086. LEE CP 31, 429....
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