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24 Study Guide 9 Japan

24 Study Guide 9 Japan - VIS21B Study Guide 9 Arts of Japan...

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VIS21B Arts of Asia Winter 2011 Study Guide 9 Arts of Japan THE ARTS OF ZEN Engaku-ji , Kamakura, 1282, Lee 573. Kinkaku (The Golden Pavilion) of Rokuon-ji, Kyoto, 1397, Lee 574. Gingaku (The Silver Pavilion) at Jisho-ji, Kyoto, Lee 575. The garden of the Daisen-in of Daitoku-ji , Kyoto, e. 16th c. Lee 576. The dry garden of Ryoan-ji, Kyoto, late 15th century, Lee 577. Kyoto Painters shigajiku (poem scroll) Josetsu , Catching a Catfish with a Gourd , ca. 1413, commissioned by Ashikaga Yoshimochi, Lee 556. Mincho (1352-1431) Hermitage by the Mountain Brook , Lee 555. Winter and Spring Landscape , mid-fifteenth century, folding screen, Lee 557. Sesshu (1420-1506) Landscape of the Four Seasons ("The Long Scroll"), 1486, Mori Foundation, Bofu, Yamaguchi. Lee 561-562. Haboku Landscape , 1495, Tokyo National Museum. cf. Lee 565. Huike Showing his Severed Arm to Bodhidharma , 1496, Sainen-ji, Lee 560 ART OF THE MOMOYAMA (1573-1615) and EDO (1615-1868) PERIODS The Shogun Ashikaga Yosimitsu The Great Age of Castles and the Tea Ceremony Himeji Castle (Castle of the White Swans),1608-9,JS-B 99,Lee 683.
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