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26 Exam Review Japanese Art

26 Exam Review Japanese Art - VIS21B Arts of Asia Review...

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VIS21B Arts of Asia Review List (Part 1) Winter 2011 1
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PART III: The Arts of Japan Jomon period (ca. 8000-300 B.C.) Earthenware vessels and dogu figurines. LEE 16, 17, 18 Yayoi period (ca. 300 B.C.-A.D. 300), Dotaku (bell-shaped bronze). LEE 99 Tomb period (ca. 300-552 A.D.) Haniwa .3-6 th century, earthenware, LEE 103-104 Ise shrine , erected early 1 st century, last rebuilt, 1993. LEE 102 Asuka Period (552-645) Horyuji Temple . Originally built 607, rebuilt between 670 and 710, Nara, LEE 211, 212, 213 Shaka Triad , ca. 623, bronze sculpture, LEE 216 Tamamushi Shrine , Jataka Painting lacquer painting on wood, 7 th century, Horyuji, LEE 214-215 Nara Period (710-784) Golden Hall, Toshodaiji, ca. 759. Nara. LEE 225-226. Shosoin storehouse, mid-8th century, Todai-ji, Nara. LEE 398; also 402-409 biwa . LEE 392. Heian Period (794-1185) Standing Medicine Buddha (Yakushi), 799, wooden sculpture (ichiboku-zukuri), Jingo-ji, LEE 415. Mandala of the Womb World (Taizokai) . Mandala of the Diamond World (Kongokai). ink and color on silk, late 9th-e. 10th c. cf. LEE 422 Handscaroll painting in the Heian Period terms: yamato-e (Japanese painting); emaki
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