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VIS21B Asian Art Winter 2011 Study Guide 2 (Indian Art 2) V. The Andhra Period (72 BCE—320CE) The Great Stupa at Sanchi, first c. b.c- 1st c. a.d. torana (gate) Lee 116, 118-120 Fragments from the Great Stupa at Amaravati, late 2nd c. The Great Stupa at Amaravati , Lee 125-128 Karle, second century, Lee 121-124 mithuna couple chaitya hall VI. The Kushan Dynasty, late first century to third century King Kanishka, first half of second century. Portrait of King Kanishka , from Mat, sandstone, early second century (ca. 120), Lee 129 Portrait of Vima Kadphises , ca. 130, Lee 130 A. Mathuran tradition Friar Bala's Bodhisattva , sandstone, found at Sarnath, c. 123, Lee 132, 133 Seated Buddha from the Katra Mound , sandstone, early 2nd c., Lee (4th edition only) 119; cf. also Seated Buddha with Attendants , ca. 124, Lee 135 B. Gandharan tradition Buddhist Triad , ca. 182, Lee 141 Standing Bodhisattva
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Unformatted text preview: , 2nd century, Lee 142 The Birth of the Buddha , Lee 140 * The Temptation of the Buddha * The First Sermon and Nirvana VII. Buddhist Art: Gupta Period (320-647) and Beyond Standing Buddha , from Mathura, early fifth century. Lee 147. The First Sermon , from Sarnath, ca. 475. Lee 148 Rock-cut temples at Ajanta, Maharashtra, in the Western Deccan , Vakataka dynasty, late 5th century, Lee 150-158, colorplates 7-8. chaitya halls Cave 19, facade, Lee 151 Cave 26, interior, Lee 152 Cave 19, Lee 155 Cave 26, Lee 152 Nirvana of the Buddha, Temptation of Mara viharas : Cave 1, with shrine, Buddha in dharmachakra mudra ; wall paintings of Mahajanaka jataka and other stories. Lee 158, colorplates 7-8 Buddha calling the earth to witness , Bengal, 9th c., Lee 160 175 foot high Buddha at Bamiyan, Afganistan , 4-5th cent. Lee 191. Stucco sculptures...
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