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9 Exam Review Indian Art

9 Exam Review Indian Art - VIS21B Asian Art Winter 2011...

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VIS21B Asian Art Winter 2011 Indian Art Exam Review Indus Valley Civilization (ca. 2500-1500 b.c.e.) High Priest , limestone, Mohenjo-daro, Indus Valley Civilization. Lee 3 Nude Male Torso , Red sandstone, Harappa, Indus Valley Civilization. Lee 4 Siva (?), Square Stamp seal, Mohenjo -daro, Indus Valley Civilization. Lee 7 Maurya Period (ca.300-185 B.C.E.) Lion Capital, Polished Chunar sandstone, Sarnath, Maurya Period, ca. 274-237 b.c.e. Lee 105 Chauri Bearer, Polished sandstone, Didarganj near Patna, Maurya Period, ca. 3rd c. b.c.e. Lee 109 Shunga Period (ca. 185-72 B.C.E) Chaitya Hall, Bhaja, Late Shunga Period, ca. 1st century b.c.e. Lee 111 Queen Maya's Dream , Pillar Medallion on stupa railing, Bharhut. Shunga Period, early 1 st century b.c.e. Lee 114 The Andhra Period (72 BCE—320CE) and Kushan Period (late first century to third century) The Great Stupa at Sanchi, Shunga and early Andhra Period, 3rd century b.c.e. to 1 st century c.e. Lee 116 Bracket Figure on the East Torana of the Great Stupa, Sanchi, Early Andhra Period, 1 st century b.c.e. Lee 119 Great Chaitya Hall,
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