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ENG 004 – Fall 2011 – HW #1 – Due 4 October at beginning of lecture. (10 pts total) Notes: All numbered problems are from Bertoline and Weibe, 6 th Edition. Italicized text indicated a modified problem statement. All essay or written assignments must be type-written or computer generated. Sketches and drawings may be done in your sketchbook, but photocopy them from your sketchbook and submit with your homework. Put your studio section number on your submitted work along with your printed name . STAPLE YOUR HW ! Problem 1.4, page 54: In addition to the problem statement include a brief description
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Unformatted text preview: and a freehand sketch of each of the products. (3 pts) Problem 1.6, page 54: (3 pts) Additional Problems: Short essay- explain (200-350 words) the design process models described both in lecture and in sections 1.3 through 1.7 of the text. (4 pts) All essays must be computer generated. Sketching Assignment Sketch and leave in your sketchbook (DO NOT HAND IN WITH HOMEWORK) the interior of a room of the building in which you currently live, e.g., bedroom, dining room, etc. (Your TA will check this at a future date and the grade will be part of your studio grade.)...
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