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ENG 004 – Fall 2011 – HW #3 – Due 18 February at beginning of lecture. (10 pts total) Notes: Sketches and drawings for “non-sketchbook assignments” may be done in your sketchbook, but photocopy them from your sketchbook and submit with your homework. “Sketching Assignments” may be left in your sketchbook; your TA will grade these from your sketchbook. Put your studio (lab) day & time and section number on your submitted work along with your printed name . STAPLE YOUR HW ! Be sure your multi-view drawings have proper view placement as discussed in lecture and in the
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Unformatted text preview: studio sections. Special Problem 3.1) For the figure shown below, use the rectangular grid from the course SmartSite to draw a multi-view drawing of the item: Figure 3.1 Special Problem 3.2) For the figure shown below, use the rectangular and isometric grid from the course SmartSite to draw the missing third view and an isometric of the item: Figure 3.2 Sketching Assignment- The UCD campus has many outdoor sculptures around. Sketch at least one of these sculptures. (Your TA will check this at a future date and the grade will be part of your studio grade.)...
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