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HW2 - P3.33 Q.3 P3.39 Q.4 P3.61 Q.5 P3.175 Q.6 A 10 mm...

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University of California Davis Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering ENG 103 Fluid Mechanics Fall 2011 Professor Kennedy Homework 2 Due Monday 24 October at 4pm in Drop Box G, South East corner, second floor of Bainer Hall From White 7th Edition: Q.1 P3.13 Q.2
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Unformatted text preview: P3.33 Q.3 P3.39 Q.4 P3.61 Q.5 P3.175 Q.6 A 10 mm diameter jet of water is de±ected by a homogeneous rectangular block (15 mm by 200 mm by 100 mm) that weighs 6 N as shown in this ²gure. Determine the minimum volume ±ow rate needed to tip the block over....
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