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HW1 - P2.147 Q.8 The rigid gate OAB is hinged at O and...

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University of California Davis Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering ENG 103 Fluid Mechanics Fall 2011 Professor Kennedy Homework 1 Due Monday 17 October at 4pm in Drop Box G, South East corner, second floor of Bainer Hall From White 7th Edition: Q.1 P1.41 Q.2 P1.55 Q.3 P2.21 Q.4 P2.45 Q.5 P2.63 Q.6 P2.97 Q.7
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Unformatted text preview: P2.147 Q.8 The rigid gate, OAB, is hinged at O and rests against a solid support at B. What minimum horizontal force, P, is required to hold the gate closed if its width is 3m? Neglect the weight of the gate and the friction in the hinge. The back of the gate is open to the atmosphere....
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