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DATE: October 23, 2011 DUE: October 28, 2011 ENG45, homework set #4. 1. For each of the three functional forms of the van der Waals interaction given in HW3 (1- 3), determine the characteristic distance r m for which the force between two weakly interacting atoms is most attractive. Also determine the maximum attractive force F m . Express the distance r m and force F m as a function of a. σ 1 and E 1 . b. σ 2 and E 2 . c. K R and K A . Following the example in the book for Argon
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Unformatted text preview: d. calculate the numbers for r m and F m . 2. Using Appendix II calculate for UO 2 a. the ionic packing density. b. the mass density. 3. Using Appendix II calculate the mass density for a. SiGe b. GaAs Niels Grønbech Jensen DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING AND MATERIALS SCIENCE | UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA | DAVIS, CALIFORNIA 95616 TEL: 530.752.5335...
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