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DATE: October 8, 2011 DUE: October 14, 2011 ENG45, homework set #2. 1. Bond order in ionic materials. a. Determine from the periodic table the possible cationic charges for: Uranium, Thorium, Cerium, and Hafnium. b. Using the relevant ionic radii, determine the coordination number for the smaller ion in UO 2 , ThO 2 , CeO 2 , and HfO 2 . c. Calculate the ionic bond energy from the ionic radii for the four compounds in 2b. Give the result in J, kJ/mol, kcal/mol, and eV. d. How many Thorium and Oxygen atoms are in 1kg ThO 2 ? What is the mass (in kg) of 1 mol ThO 2 ? 2. Covalent bonding and Lewis representation. a. Show the Lewis representation for H 2 O, NH 3 , CH 2 Cl 2 , and CH 4 . b. Show the Lewis representation for N 2 , CO 2 , O 2 , and HCN. c. How many valence electrons are there in each compound listed in 2a and 2b?
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Unformatted text preview: d. Calculate (using table 2.2 in the book) the energy release for the reaction 2O 2 +4CH 4 → 4H 2 O+2C 2 H 4 and determine if this reaction will occur spontaneously. e. Calculate the energy release of the above reaction if you further allow C 2 H 4 to polymerise. f. How much water (in kg) and Ethylene (in kg) do you produce in the above reaction if you consume 1 mol of Methane. g. What will be the length of a single polyethylene chain produced by 1 mol of Methane? Energies should be given in J, kJ/mol, kcal/mol, and eV. Niels Grønbech Jensen DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING AND MATERIALS SCIENCE | UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA | DAVIS, CALIFORNIA 95616 TEL: 530.752.5335...
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