Syllabus - MGT 160: Financing New Business Ventures (Fall -...

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MGT 160: Financing New Business Ventures (Fall - 2011) General Information Wednesdays, 6:10 to 9:00 p.m. Gallagher Hall Room 1213 Instructor: Nicholas Briscoe, MS, AVA Email: Telephone: (925) 299-1200 Office & Office Hours: To be announced Course Description Financing New Business Ventures will cover the fundamentals of corporate and investment finance to prepare students to make financial decisions and communicate with investors. The course is designed to be very practical and skills-focused. We will touch on theory lightly. The bulk of the work will be on learning and using essential tools of financial analysis. By the end of the course, you will have a framework for considering questions about financial value…the financial value of an equity investment, a bond, a company, or an idea. Specific topics the course will cover include: The Time Value of Money and Net Present Value Valuing Stocks and Bonds Capital Investment Decisions Capital Markets Risk, Return and the Cost of Capital Raising Capital & Working Capital Returning Capital: Distributions and Exits Small Business Valuation Prerequisites The prerequisite for this class is Introduction to Accounting. This course is only open to students who have applied and been admitted to the Technology Management Minor Program at the Graduate School of Management. If you are interested in the minor, you are welcome to check out the GSM website (
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Syllabus - MGT 160: Financing New Business Ventures (Fall -...

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