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DATE: October 26, 2011 DUE: November 4, 2011 ENG102, homework set #6. 1. Look at Problem 3/354 on page 266 in the book. a. Solve the problem. b. What is the loss in kinetic energy? c. Assume that the point G is held fixed (by a nail, or something) such that the object can rotate freely around G . Solve the problem (1a) with this change. d. Answer 1b with the change described in 1c. e. What is the direction and magnitude of the impulse acting on the nail in G over the time of collision? 2. Look at Problem 3/358 on page 267 in the book.
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Unformatted text preview: a. Solve the problem. b. What is the loss of energy during the collision? c. Suppose the three kg block hangs still by the time the cart comes back. After the second collision, when the block hits the 3kg block, how large an angle does the 3kg block swing to? d. What is the velocity of the cart immediately after the second collision? Niels Grnbech Jensen DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL AND AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING | UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA | DAVIS, CALIFORNIA 95616 TEL: 530.752.5335...
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