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NAME OF AUTHOR: NS 1150 - First Draft AUTHOR's TA: ___________________ COMPREHENSION & EVALUATION OF STUDIES , USE OF SOURCES & INTERPRETATION Study Methods 0.5pts ea Results 0.4 pts ea Author Concl. 0.1 pt ea Strength Identify 0.25pts ea Strength Justified 0.25pts ea Weakness Identify 0.25 pts ea Weakness Justified 0.25 pts ea Interpret Position 0.5 pts ea Interpret Justified (own) 0.5 pts ea Ref correct format & usage 0.25pt ea Total 3.25 pts each 1. COMPREHENSION & EVALUATION OF STUDIES (8 points) Explanations of studies clear description of how study was conducted (study design, methods etc) (for EACH article: 0.5pts) Description of results and summary of Author’s conclusions (for EACH article: 0.4pts for results and 0.1 pts for author’s conclusions) Strengths of each study (For EACH article: 0.25 pt for identification and 0.25 pt for justification) Weaknesses of each study (For EACH article: 0.25 pt for identification and 0.25 pt for justification) 2. INTERPRETATION
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Unformatted text preview: (4 points) Explanation of how/why each study supports position (For EACH article: 0.25 pt for clearly stating position and 0.25 pt for justification using strengths and weaknesses identified) 3. USE OF REFERENCES (1 point) All 4 references are actively used within text and citation format is correct within text and on reference page. (For EACH article: 0.125 pt for active usage and 0.125 pt for correct format). (No article within last 2 years – lose 0.2pts). 4. CONCLUSIONS (3 points) Concise summary Integration of evidence into own conclusion with all 4 articles cited 5. ORGANIZATION (3 points) Controversy, student’s position and its relevance in introduction Logical sequence and proper transitions 6. LANGUAGE/RHETORIC (1.5 points) Grammar, Spelling, Style and Creativity 7. OVERALL QUALITY (4.5 points) Persuasive (was data shown? Were strengths & weaknesses compared?) One copy submitted, appropriate length, fonts, etc. __________________ ( / 25) TOTAL...
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