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Welcome - resistant that slow insidious process of...

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Welcome, people, to NS 1150. I want to share with you my knowledge and passion for the field of Nutrition. I want to show you many of the miracles of the body and the role that nutrition plays in optimizing almost all the functions of the body. I want you to understand why your mother s (or father s) advice to eat you vegetables is correct by showing you the mechanism through which dietary fiber reduces risk of colon cancer. I want to show you miraculous mechanisms that operate to maintain the glucose in our blood relatively constant and the pathologies that result if they don t work. I want to make you appreciate the gentle transformations the body makes in the molecules from the foods we eat that allows us access the energy derived by plants from the sun to maximize our physical performance. I want to show you how to defend yourself against the powerful forces in our obesigenic environment that constantly seduce us to overeat and gain weight. I want to explain why eating a diet low in saturated fat will help you
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Unformatted text preview: resistant that slow insidious process of narrowing our arteries with arteriosclerosis and what you can do to avoid hemorrhoids or heartburn and many other pathologies that may shorten your wonderful life on this planet. All the information you need for this course will be on this website. Within 24 hours of each lecture, I will upload them, complete with my voice and presented the way I presented it in lecture, on this website. We have a wonderful group of both undergraduate and graduate TA’s that will help you with any aspect of this course. You also have 24-7 hour access via email to Dr. Joy Swanson, the class coordinator, and me to answer any questions about the material or the course. I look forward to having another successful and entertaining semester with you. See you on Wednesday, September 25, for the first day of NS 1150, Nutrition, Health, and Society....
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