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FINAL EXAMINATION STUDY GUIDE The final exam will be Sat. Dec. 12 from 7-10 PM in Garrison 0.102. The exam will NOT cover Topics 1-4. The exam WILL cover Topics 5-11. The exam will be similar in format to the midterm, in having one section on short answer questions and other sections on essay questions. However, more of this exam will be essay than short answer. I will also give you fewer short answers to do than on the midterm but ask you to go into greater depth on each answer. Following is a list of suggestions for how to study for the final examination: 1. You should know in detail ALL of the free speech cases we have covered in this class in Topic 5. This means that you should be able to tell me (a) how the case came out; (b) the reasoning of the court to justify its decision; and (c) some sense of how one or more of the political theories we read in this class help you understand how to think about free speech cases. ( note that chapters 2 and 3 of Mill’s ON LIBERTY were assigned as part of Topic 5 and are
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