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CMS 306M Media Component_Students

CMS 306M Media Component_Students - CMS Media Component...

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CMS Media Component Instructions CMS 306M Media Component What is this thing? The Department of Communication Studies at the University of Texas at Austin has joined hundreds of other universities and colleges across the nation in the move towards integrating media technology into the classroom. The CMS 306M media component is customized to reflect and adapt to the changing needs of our instructors and students. Our media component includes tools to help engage you in the course material. Through interviews with UT faculty members and graduate students, as well as links to historical and contemporary speeches by social and political leaders, the media component helps you see abstract communication concepts in the real world. Chapter quizzes will help familiarize you with the style of exam questions in this course. The UT Speech Team provided sample student presentations (both “professional” and “unprofessional” versions) to help you see which type of organizational and delivery strategies can make you a more successful public presenter. Links to current news stories and Hollywood movies help you find communication principles at work all around you. And of course, you have access to a range of research tools to help you generate thoughtful topics and write effective outlines. How do I install it? 1) Log in to Blackboard using your UTEID. Select your CMS 306M section. 2) In the announcements section, click “Start Here.” You will need your student access code . Key in the code provided to you in the workbook you purchased, Professional Communication Skills . A window will open thanking you for registering and instructing you to close the window. This will return you to your home page within your course on Blackboard. The menu on the left side of the screen is now longer, as the code provides you access to the Media Component. You should see a screen like this:
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CMS Media Component Instructions Each time you log into Blackboard and select your CMS section, you will have to click on the “Start Here” button and key in your password to access the media component. Because your quizzes are graded through the media component, it is important to remember that you will need your own access code. Do not lose your code.
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CMS 306M Media Component_Students - CMS Media Component...

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